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Revista Novos Estudos - Contents

Edição 106

Dezembro d 2016


Municipalities and policies against deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon


This article investigates to what extent have municipalities participated in the national policies that have addressed deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon under the Action Plan for Prevention and Control Plan of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon (Plano de Prevenção e Controle do Desmatamento na Amazônia Legal – ppcdam). The study found that even though the design of the federal strategy relegated to municipalities the role of mere “locus” or territory for policy enforcement, in some situations local governments have assumed a leading role and empowered themselves as actors and agents in the fight against deforestation, as a response to the Brazilian federal “priority municipalities list” strategy. 


Alberto Martins

Dezembro 2016

Julho 2016

Março 2016

Novembro 2015